What are the Powers and Functions of an IPS Officer in 2021

Guncha Sanobar ipsWe know that becoming an IPS officer is one of the biggest dreams of every Indian Youth. To become IPS Officer you have to give an Entrance Exam which is basically termed as IPS Exam or UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Civil Service Examinations.

In this article, we will discuss some important things regarding Powers and Functions of an IPS Officer which only IPS Officer is having and not any IAS, IFS, IRS or IES is having that superior power.

If you are a new Aspirant and do not know much more about the IPS officer, We will request you to read our previous articles regarding how to become an IPS officer and other important information.

Some Untold List of Powers and Functions of an IPS Officer

  • IPS Officer Deals with Law and Order.
  • They will look after the peace and justice in the locality given to them.
  • One Biggest Example National security Advisor Mr Ajith Doval was an IPS officer where he was a powerful person in the country now because he is the advisor for the PM in the defence issues. he takes part in people’s life by safeguard the country and the people in this way.
  • IPS Officer leads and commands the civil and armed police forces in all 7 Union Tertiaries and all the Indian States.
  • IPS Officer leads and commands the Central Police Organizations like Vigilance Organizations, National Security Guards, Intelligence Bureau, CBI, BSF, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, CRPF.
  • Serve at managerial/policy-making levels in the Ministries and Departments of Central and State governments and public sector undertakings both at centre and states, and the RAW, Government of India.
  • Inculcate integrity of the highest order, sensitivity to aspirations of people in a fast-changing social and economic milieu, respect for human rights, the broad liberal perspective of law and justice, high standard of professionalism, physical fitness and mental alertness.
  • Day to day Duties are like
    Crime Prevention and Investigation, Collection of Intelligence, Railway Policing, Drug Trafficking, and Economic Offence. Also prevent corruption in public life, disaster management, enforcement of socio-economic legislation, bio-diversity and protection of environmental laws, etc.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All Loads of Duties on IAS
    ALL Loads of Honey For MLA

  2. Mir Omar Ali says:

    What are all the organisations where ips officer works ???

    And does it include home guard or any job whicq says an ips officer should be a security guard to politicians or even ministers ???

  3. Who’ll be more powerful?An IPS officer or RAW Agent?

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