Pulkit Garg IAS UPSC 2015 – 2016, 28th Rank Interview

Name – Pulkit Garg
State – Delhi
Attempt – 2
Rank – 26

On 10th of May 2016, when the UPSC result announced a student from  IIT Delhi Pulkit Garg has scored 26th rank in CSE. Pulkit Garg has done his B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi.

He is the resident of Delhi throughout as he has done his schooling as well as graduation from there. His father is a banker by profession and his mother is a senior lecturer of Mathematics.

During his early college days, he started introspecting about what actually interests him and wants to do something big. He never wanted to do anything for money. He wanted to have a genuine interest in something to do it with full passion and commitment

While reading newspapers casually during this period, he realized that anything related to the development and prestige of India invoked strong emotions in his mind. At that time I think that I should do something big for our country. He always gets happy whenever he read about India’s achievements in the field of economic and human development, whenever we acted as a global leader and set the example for other nations to follow. I experienced seething anger and strong urge to change situations whenever it was a negative news concerning India, such as high poverty levels, lack of housing, poor sanitation coverage, mortality in millions due to easily curable disease such as diarrhea, India obtaining poor rank in Gender Inequity Index, Human Development Index, Doing Business Index.

He told us, “This is what led me to think of taking Civil Service as my career through which I could make a qualitative change in the lives of people and take India to greater heights. Interaction with family members, seniors, and friends who know me well also reinforced my belief that it was a career that was well suited for me.”

In his 2nd year of engineering, he started his preparation for CSE.

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