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JoSAA Spot RoundSignificant Mistakes To avoid in JoSAA Counselling 2020. JoSAA counseling is not something to be deemed as the most intimidating portion of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), as that integrity is retained by JEE Advanced and JEE Main entrance exams themselves.

Study this scenario where a student has scored as much as necessary marks in JEE Advanced to get entry into a top IIT but misses out merely as they could not provide any correct selections. It can be an upsetting situation for any entrant, especially when it could have been simply sidestepped.

Chances can occur a seat afterward, for instance, if a candidate is advanced from an NIT to an IIT, the candidate needs to report at a Reporting Centre (RC) for IITs to admit the seat. If the contender fails to arrive at the allotted RC, they will be unable to find the position. Some of these blunders occur because the contender underestimates the counseling process of JoSAA.

Avoid these Major Mistakes During JoSAA Counselling

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Mistake: Not providing the choices as per liking, beginning with a first chosen choice at the top.

Why avoid: All through choice filling, some students continue enhancing one combination (course and institute) after another without giving much thought as per the first choice. But it is the unfitting way to move toward choice filling.

Mistake: Not knowing about Float, Freeze, and Slide

 Why avoid: When a seat is filled, the contender will be asked to choose between these three choices. Now being uncertain about which one is what is not a happy place to remain.

Mistake: Filling choices that the entrant has no curiosity.

 Why avoid: Choice filling is possibly the most critical aspect of JoSAA Counselling. By itself, the contender mustn’t take shortcuts, like filling only one or two choices appropriately and then the following combination of options just for the heck of it. Instead, the contender must make a list of favorite branches and institutes and fill those choices in the order of precedence.

Mistake: Filling only a minority of choices

 Why avoid: When a contender is urged to fill choices, they are anticipated to fill at best some 50 unusual blends, unless the candidate is classified within the top hundred, or maybe in the top 200. Even in the case of a top graded contender, it is prudent not to take probabilities and fill as many options they can.

Mistake: Not taking an indication from cutoff fads of previous years.

 Why avoid: Going through the cutoff of JEE Advanced of previous years would give the contender understandings of the counseling procedure. For one, the applicant will be able to compare the category-wise opening and closing ranks for several engineering branches and institutes. The cutoffs will state the contender which course and institute are in heavy demand and expected to have a firm cutoff.

Mistake: Overlooking to fix Choices.

Why avoid: It is an elementary error, but it does occur and can from time to time cause severe anguish. In JoSAA counseling, if a contender doesn’t fix the choices, the system will inevitably secure the last kept decisions. The last date to lock options in June, which is after the second mock apportionment.

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