World Thalassemia Day 2021: 8th May, Theme, Celebration, Essay

World Thalassemia DayWorld Thalassemia Day Celebration is done every Month of 8TH May for making people aware of the Thalassemia Disease in the World. Many types of diseases are spread in the World. Many Doctors are not been able to catch many of the Diseases after proper checking for the Disease to know.

In World Thalassemia Day people comes together to know about all the preventive measures, cure and also to avoid it’s spread from one person to another. There is almost 19 per cent of the people who are the Thalassemia carrier in the Country of Saudi Arabia. World Thalassemia Day makes the people come across every idea and plans to remove and cure the Thalassemia Disease of the World.

Thalassemia Day is used to make the people do pre-marriage tests for decreasing the issues of genetic from the families. It is a very special day on the 8th of May to celebrate Thalassemia Day with lots of people to carry many ideas and plans to make the people know the effects of Thalassemia Disease. Thalassemia Disease Day is used to celebrate to remove the Thalassemia Disease from the Society, State or any Country for making the people live a normal and proper life.

Thalassemia disease is a type of Blood Disorder with an autosomal recessive Blood problem by which people suffer a lot from one generation to the next generation. It is a type of Disorder by which the Blood of the people gets weak and also destroys the Red Blood Cells. It makes the negative effects of the Hemoglobin Formation in the body causing mild anaemia. It makes the people get every type of problem like Bone weakness, illnesses of the Cardiovascular, Iron overload, Liver, Bones, Forehead, Cheeks and Spleen Enlargement, Jaundice, Puberty deletion, etc.

There is 3.4 per cent of the people are suffering from the Disease of Thalassemia and also almost 7000 to 10000 Children every year in India are suffering from Thalassemia Disease. There are many types of Thalassemia such as Beta Thalassemia, Delta Thalassemia and Thalassemia of Alpha. There is also a Mixture of many Hemoglobinopathies like Hemoglobin S, E, D and C. Thalassemia is found in many 1 to 2 years of Children’s. There are many Mild Thalassemia that cannot be diagnosed without the help of the Blood test of the CBC. Thalassemia is also treated by the Transfusion of the Blood, Vitamins Supplement of the B Group, Blood as well as Therapy of the Blood Chelation. For maintaining the normal Haemoglobin level and also RBC’s which are Healthy.

Thalassemia is a Hereditary Disease that cannot be totally prevented, but it can be decreased by making the parent’s tests which makes the Doctors get the Disease cure or prevent it from spreading to the Child. It is very necessary to visit the Doctors to get every possible treatment to prevent their Child before the Birth of the Child takes place and also before getting their child to inherit the genes from the Parents to their Child. So people need to check the Thalassemia Disease for its cure or prevention before they get inherent to their Childs from them.

Celebration of the Thalassemia Disease

Thalassemia is a type of Disease by which people celebrate on the 8th of May to provide people to get knowledge about Thalassemia Disease. People must do the Thalassemia Disease test to remove the Thalassemia Disease or to get every kind of prevention from many of the treatments. Thalassemia is used to make people suffer from Red Blood Cells Disorder. It is the Disease that makes the Red Blood Cells to be affected in a bad way. It also affects the Haemoglobin in the blood. It is used to celebrate to make a better awareness amongst the people of the Thalassemia Disease.

The government should develop much more effective as well as a lot of preventive measures for controlling the Thalassemia Disease. The government should encourage every people to provide Blood Donations for the Young generations to make the people cure or prevent the Thalassemia Disease. When people suffering from Thalassemia Disease should visit the Hospitals for taking proper and early preventive measures with proper care. People should be motivated to do the pre-marriage test for getting diagnosed with the Thalassemia Disease and also protect the Child to get inherit from one person to another.

Thalassemia Disease is used to make every Society, Country, State as well as Whole World free from Thalassemia Disease and other inheritable diseases. To make the Thalassemia Patients get to live a normal life like a Healthy person. The government should make many more Organizations encourage and motivate the people to improve the Facilities and services of Health care in vulnerable areas. World Thalassemia Day is celebrated to decrease the death rates of the people in the world due to Thalassemia Disease.

The government should be able to improve people’s health to make them live better without the Disease of Thalassemia. World Thalassemia Day is also used to celebrate in many of the Colleges, Schools, Public areas, various Institutes of Education, etc. There are many events organized by the Government where many people like many Patients and their family members are used to participate in the Thalassemia Event to get them to provide every information about the Thalassemia Disease. TIF which is also known as the Thalassemia International Federation which is a type of Non-Governmental Organization as well as a Non-Profitable Organization that makes the people celebrate Thalassemia Day by Organizing it in a better way in every Country.

Many organizations such as the World Health Organization as well as many other Organizations fully Concentrates on the Basic Rights of Thalassemia Patients to motivate more Patients of Thalassemia. There are many types of activities are done on Thalassemia Day such as Subjects of the Health Topics by the Government to make the people understand the importance of the prevention from Thalassemia Disease. Many people also discuss the Thalassemia Disease Patients to get them every service and facility of Health care. There are many types of Banners as well as Posters that are stuck on the walls and many other places to get people aware of the Thalassemia Disease.

Themes for the celebration of the Thalassemia Day  

Many people celebrate Thalassemia Day to increase awareness amongst any of the people to get accurate knowledge about the Disease Thalassemia. People should take proper treatment from their Doctors for curing or preventing the disease. So the Government has made lots of ideas and plans to make the people active about removing the Thalassemia Disease to protect the young generations. There are lots of Themes provided by the Government to cure and prevent the Thalassemia Disease and they are as follows:-


  • The theme of World Thalassemia Day 2021 is “Begin thalassemia prevention from a young age, blood test before marriage will make the future generation safe.”
  • The theme for International Thalassaemia Day 2020 (ITD 2020) is ‘Universal access to quality thalassaemia healthcare services: Building bridges with and for patients.’
  • 2018: “Thalassaemia past, present, and future: Documenting progress and patients’ needs worldwide”.
  • 2017: “Get connected! Share knowledge and experience and fight for a better tomorrow in thalassemia”.
  • There was a Theme for World Thalassemia Day in the year 2016 is “Secure and Effective Drugs access in Thalassemia”.
  • The theme for the World Thalassemia Day in the year 2015 is “Developing Great Partnership for Patients which are located for Health Systems for better life years”.
  • The theme for World Thalassemia Day in the year 2014 is “Financial Recession: Watch – Secure Health of the Joint Forces”.
  • The theme for the World Thalassemia Day in the year 2013 is “Beyond and Major: The Qualitative Health care rights for every patient with Thalassemia”.
  • The theme for World Thalassemia Day in the year 2012 is “Revisited Patient Rights”.
  • The theme for World Thalassemia Day in the year 2011 is “Life has an Equal Chance”.
  • The theme for the World Thalassemia Day in the year 2010 is “Knowledge is Power: Thalassemia”.
  • There was a Theme for World Thalassemia Day in the year 2009 is “We Care. The industry together”.

Thalassemia Disease makes people suffer from Blood Disorder by which people can get much of the pain after performing much of the work. Today people have to take every precaution to get the Disease to be cured in a better way. World Thalassemia also provides the people to get help from many Health Control Programmes which are on the National Basis. There are lots of Children’s in India who are provided with many types of medicines for their proper health like Health Supplements and many other medicines. So people are used to maintaining their body to grow in a better way to become much more healthy to make the tasks of the people to achieve efficiently.

To become healthy everyone should take a proper diet to remain healthy without taking any type of stress as it can negatively affect your health. So the people need to act according to the type of health you have to accomplish any task properly without having any health problems to them.

If you any queries regarding World Thalassemia Day 2021, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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    Thalassemia Disease makes the people suffer from the Blood Disorder by which people are able to get much of the pain after performing much of the work.

    ?????? seriously??? Poor choice of words in the entire article. Quality is really poor.

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    Please let me know , what is the theme for World Thalassemia Day 2020.

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