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Myself ______ I am studying in ______ school, in class_______section______I am______years old, I live in Mumbai with my parents, brother and sisters. I am a sincere student and a lovely kid of my dear parents. In my home, everyone calls me_____And my grandparents call me_________

I go for walk with my grandparents in morning and evening walk. They love me more than my other siblings. I go to school with my school bus daily at right time in the morning at 8 am and come to home at 2 pm in the afternoon. I like to go school in proper uniform. I respect my teachers and parents, in the morning before going to school I always pray to god and do the breakfast.

I am very punctual and regular in school I say good morning to my teacher when I reach in the classroom. I am very attentive in lecture and enjoy daily with my school friends in the bus and lunchtime. I am very active in taking parts in the sports activities and other extracurricular activities. I always do my homework on time and like the subjects of drawing and craft.

In my school, the inter-school competitions are organized at every six months, in which I must like to participate. My parents always motivate me to do so, I always come first in every competition. My school celebrates all the important events of the year such as independence day, republic day, Christmas, 2nd October, mother’s day, teacher’s day, children’s day, etc.

In order to create awareness and knowledge to all the children, we are advised to take part in cultural activities during event celebrations. I take part in the speech recitation, I also like dance and take part in dance competitions. Our school organize an annual function in the month of January, our parents are invited to the school in annual function. Every year I go for school picnic with my friends and teacher, we have a lot of fun and play many games.

During festivals, we get a holiday from school. In vacation, my parents take us out for a picnic or we go to our native places. I have a good company of my brothers and sisters, where ever we go we take my grandparents along with us. We have a lot of fun and enjoyment with such a big family. I love my family very much and everyone loves me so much.

My like to play ludo and carom with my parents, my father plays with me and my father and I are good friends. I like to eat snacks and don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables for which my mother always scolds me. My hobbies are watching cartoons, playing puzzles, collecting toys.

My mother always teaches me about the ethics and responsibilities to become a good citizen of India. I always keep myself clean and keep my study room and bedroom neat and clean. My parents always take care of me and my likes and dislikes. I have a group of good friends.

I feel blessed to have such a lovely family and friends.

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