Global Warming : Facts, Effects, Change, etc.

Global Warming : Facts, Effects, Change, etc.

Global Warming

Looking at the growing heat in every summer I was thinking what could be the reason? And then I find out it is global warming what is it exactly? Many of us do not know what it is exactly other than some vague information.

The globe our earth is getting warmer day by day but why? And how why scientists and experts call this global warming and this is a result of growing human activities due to which our planet earth is at stake

Let us know more about the topic and the remedies to this growing problem and how can we solve it and contribute to the betterment of the earth. This article is aiming to solve all your queries regarding the Global warming issue .

The earth climate is a result of complex interactions of land , water, biosphere and atmosphere etc. right from ancient times till the industrial age in the present, the earth climatic conditions are undergoing changes . some changes takes place rapidly while some takeover thousands of years . every change in a fundamental characteristic of the atmosphere . every change has some effect, consequences and implications on our global climate. The changes that take place in the climate is due to natural or human activities . but the impact due to human activities has more sudden and serious effects.

Scientists have also predicted that by the year 2050. The temperature is going to rise up to 1.5degree Celsius and 4.5 degree Celsius. The sea level also has risen from 10-15cm. the warming of the earth os referred to the global warming . and this global warming is one of the worst disasters that humans have to face . global warming means temperature rise. We have read in the newspaper that in the upcoming years the Antarctica – the coldest region is immensely going to face serious effects due to the impact of global warming . the arctic animals like ice bears , seals, whales  etc who are adapted to the cold atmosphere might not be able to bear the rising temperature and will be , extinct like the dinosaurs.

Global warming also affects the agriculture . due to less rain the farmers have to face serious consequences because it will affect  the production of rice and wheat . the increasing population will be a form barrier between the scarcity of food grains and proper supply of foods and the prices of food grains will soar and there will be increased inflations . global warming is also affecting human beings directly or indirectly. 

Greenhouse effects and the green gas has brought about a massive change in the geographical climatic conditions . greenhouse gases such as Nitrogen oxide gas, carbon dioxide and also methane are some gases that harm the ozone layer . various other reasons like burning of fossil fuels, deforestation the uses of appliances containing CFC’S add to global warmings.

Knowing about global warming I am sure everyone will be thinking what is the cure for this problem? What do we do? To come out of this terrible disaster are they any remedies?

Well yes, every problem has a solution and here the following things that one can do in order to reduce the pressure of this global warming:

  1. Stop cutting down trees and carry out mass plantation activities.
  2. We should reduce the use of fossil fuel and use the energy resource efficiently.
  3. We should use eco-friendly or ozone-friendly products.
  4. Whenever there is a need to repair on refrigerators we should ensure that the compressor should not be left open because the CFC’S ( chloro floro gases)  will be released out and get mixed with the atmosphere.
  5. We should use eco-friendly  products such as earthen wares , cotton clothes . cotton tanned pillows instead of using foam pillows and such other products .
  6. Reduction of pollution also is an important factor  that can reduce the effect of global warming.

And the other way to reduce the greenhouse gases is to buy recyclable products instead of non-recyclable ones. Look for the recycle mark – three arrows that make a circle on the package . it usually takes less energy to make recycled products than to make news ones. The less energy we use the better it will be . by conserving we helping the climate change and make our earth a better place to live.

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