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Teddy – this word also gives the feeling of softness and cuteness. Teddies are one of the soft toys which can be used to express your love and feelings. This day is mostly celebrated in European countries however in India also this day is celebrated. You can hug the teddy which is the most of the wonderfully soft feeling which can we feel. Here we are providing an essay on the teddy day which is one of the cute days of the Valentine day.

Teddy day is celebrated in the Valentine week which is the month of the February i.e. on 10th February every year and people gift teddy bear on this day to each other. Whether your friend, your daughter, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband or your partner you can gift them teddy bear on this day to express the feelings of the love. A Teddy bear is a soft toy which is readily available on the market in the different colors and the different sizes and one of the best options to gift anyone. One of the best options is gifting a teddy bear on a teddy bear day to make your girl feel special and you can see happiness by her cute smile because of every girl like Teddy, it’s so cute one.

A symbol of gifting soft toys like a teddy bear is also dedicated to a person who has a soft heart like the teddy’s body. This soft gift spreads the perfect romantic atmosphere and charms everywhere.

For every girl, a lot of cute memories are precious about their attachment to the soft toys. They take care of the soft toys like a gem or like a diamond. It is like a treasure of them. So gift them a teddy with the different colors which have a different meaning. Gift a teddy to your love ones and select a color for a teddy.

Teddy bear in blue color states that Love is deep. Blue is a color that is a symbol of sky and ocean, it has the different shades like symbolises depth, intelligence, truth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability and trust which states us that the unlimited love like the huge sky and ocean. If you gift her or him a blue color of Teddy it means you madly love with him or her and you are too lucky to found your love which having trust and love with no conditions.

Gifting a Green teddy bear means the lots of emotions and you can wait any time for your love. Green is the color of nature which symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, fertility which also state that your love will grow like greenery of plants or leaves.Teddy Day

Valentine’s favourite color is a red color which indicates that love is in the air, it’s everywhere. Red is color of fire and blood and so associated with danger, energy, war, strength, power and determination but it is also color of passion, desire and never-ending love and this color is also indicates the emotional intensity of love and red is the color of our heart also so it also indicates that this color of the gift we are gifting from bottom of our heart.

The black color is symbolised ultimate power and elegance, but also death and evil so gifting a black color teddy bear indicates the rejection of the proposal. Don’t be disheartened by this, the teddy bear in any color is cute and it will bring a smile to your face.

Gifting a White color of teddy bear indicates that the person is already booked for someone. The white color is meant for the peace, purity, innocence, and a good spirit. If you receive a white teddy this means that a person is a reserve for someone or he is in a relationship with someone so better luck next time.

Gifting an orange color teddy bear indicates the all set to purpose. The Orange color is meant for the energy, happiness, joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity as well as passion and it is also a color of fire. If you get an orange teddy bear which means that the person will soon purpose you. So be ready and be prepared for Valentine’s Day.

One of the colors is which girls love a lot which is the pink color. This color represents the compassion, affection, nurturing and love and your proposal is accepted because pink color is made up of red and the white color that gives a signal that your lover is accepted your proposal.

The purple color teddy bear indicates that better luck next time. The purple color is made up of blue and red colors, these colors show the stability and energy, power, nobility and luxury.Teddy Day

This color evokes the romantic environment and feelings of love. But strangely this color indicates that the person is not interested in you and you have to move on.

The yellow color teddy bear indicates that the lover wants to break up with you; however, this color is the symbol of the sunshine and associated with joy and happiness.

The last color is brown. The gifting the brown teddy bear means the people who are with the broken heart. This color also indicates that protection and responsibility. The brown teddy bear is the most popular gift since it indicating that a person who is single and with a broken heart, better solve this matter and present a red teddy bear.

So in the coming Valentine present a teddy bear to your sweetheart on the teddy bear and express your love with the gifting the different colors of the teddy bear. So express your love and feeling with a soft and hairy teddy bear.

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