IAS Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar – Odisha boy UPSC Preparation Strategy

IAS Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar - Odisha boy UPSC Preparation Strategy

IAS Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar Ranked 35 in 2014 UPSC

Hailing from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, Haladigadia near Koria area of Jajpur district IAS Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar grabbed the 35th position in his second attempt only. This year 26 candidates from Odisha secured ranks in the Indian Civil Services.  Abdaal exclaimed, “Some of my seniors at NALSAR who cleared Civil Services motivated me to take the UPSC exams. Besides, my parents have always been an inspiration and the hidden force behind my success.”

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His father ,Mr. Muhammed Akhtar is Additional Member of the Railway Board. Though civil servant, his father was upset with the Abdaal’s decision to quit the highly-paid job and prepare for UPSC exams. It was his childhood dream to have the career as IAS.

Educational background:

He is a graduate from NALSAR Law University, Hyderabad.

Marks obtained by IAS Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar:

written 786

Abdaal has got selected for allied services in 2013 but he did not join.

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Preparation Strategy for UPSC Civil Services Exam:

IAS Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar says UPSC pattern and syllabus is very vast and there is no any standardise answer for any peculiar question. So for mains exam writing practice is very much important which he did. His mentor Vinay sir asked him to write. According to Abdaal, strategy and study style differs from person to person.

The internet is very useful while studying and a huge source of information. Abdaal also insists for internet-based study.underlining the importance of daily newspaper reading Abdaal relied on, “I had been reading newspapers daily since my school career, which sharpened my general knowledge and understanding of current affairs,”.

He believes reading newspapers regularly helped him a lot in cracking this coveted all-India test.

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Optional subject:

Abdaal has chosen his optional as Law. Since it is his graduation subject, he found it easy to write for. Law is Abdaal’s most favourite subject so though it’s syllabus is vast than any other optional subject, he preferred to go for law only. He studied optional subject daily for three hours.


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Tips to aspirants:

Never lose hope. For a process this long drawn out, there is always a strong element of luck involved. I sailed through Prelims and Mains in 2013 without much preparation and while working full time. In 2014, I almost flunked the CSAT even after intensive practice for no particular reason. As long as we know that we haven’t given our best, there is always scope for improvement.

Abdaal inspires UPSC aspirants saying, “daily, at least, three hours study with utter determination will surely help you to crack the exam.”

Attempt most of the questions in mains exam as much as you can. Abdaal says, for answering too well for few questions only will not going to help you to clear the exam.  Instead answering almost all questions can assure you scoring marks.

After joining as IAS Abdaal would like to work in home state. “I am willing to work in any department that is allotted to me,” the ICS qualifier said.

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