India Independence Day 15th August 2018 | Essay and Importance of the National Festival


Independence Day

Here in this post we will explain you complete Information of indepencdece day. History of the date and freedome struggle is also listed.

Definition of the Independence Day

Independence Day is also known as the day of freedom where anyone can perform every activity without any restriction.

Independence Day lets everyone to do any task and to move everywhere in the world without any restriction. People in the Independence Day, salute our national flag by hosting it everywhere in the country. It is regarded as the freedom day as the people of India got freedom from the britishers and their rules on this day. Independence is celebrated in every part of the India. It is the most famous and great day for India as in this day Indians got freedom from the cruel britishers who ruled India till the year 1947.

People celebrate Independence day with lots of Happiness and enjoyment with their family members and society. People gather with the Indian Flag to hoist the Indian Flag in their society, colleges, school and also near the border of the India.

People maintain silence and sings National Anthem with many Patriotic songs for providing Respect to the nation. People come up with many different songs to sing on the Independence Day. People attach the Indian Flag to their dresses to give Respect to the nation.

People celebrate Independence Day everywhere in India. It is the important day to the Indians as the people of India got Freedom from the wrong rule of the britishers. Gandhiji who was known as the Freedom Fighter of India, gave India freedom from the cruel britishers.

Gandhiji fought for the India for leaving the country from the hands of the britishers. He made many decisions and made it possible to take the control over the britishers and to free India from the wrong rules and regulations. People in india where made slaves by the Britishers and they had to work with lots of pain.

People were made to work for long period of time with much less salary by the britishers. Britishers rule were ruthless and they did many injustice to the people of India. People had to cope up with the lots of activity and had to tolerate the nuisance from the britishers. People had to do those activities that britishers want them to do it. To eradicate and eliminate the rules led down by the britishers on the Indians, many people like Gandhiji fought against the wrong rules of the britishers.

Britishers rule India for around 150 years and Indians had to cope up with the bad things that britishers did on them. Britishers were very cruel and they wanted to keep the Indians in their control. But due to the Freedom Fighters like Gandhiji and other freedom fighters India got freedom from the cruel Britishers. Britishers wanted Indians to accept and walk around as they say to Indians. They did injustice to the people of India. They ruin the life of the farmers and many people. They used to betray the people and use to perform illegal acts to totally ruin the people of India.

Indian people used to tolerate the bad things of the Britishers. They used to betray many farmers for financial matters and used to gather much more revenues from the tax.

Importance of Independence Day

Independence Day occurs every year on 15th August. It is the essential day as many great Indians on this day gave their blood to out throw the britishers from India. Every Indians cooperate with each other to eliminate the rule of the britishers and to throw them out of India. India had to manage and handle every activity done by the britishers to rule Indians. India had to face immeasurable difficulties and pain from the britishers. Every people were treated like slaves of the britishers. Every people believed that they would never get any freedom from the britishers until and unless someone as strong as britishers would destroy them and leave them from the hands of the britishers. Every people were very unhappy and angry on the rules led down by the britishers.

Someone had to stand front to destroy the power of the britishers. People in India were very hard working and of kindful nature. They were very simple and quite understanding about others. They understand the meaning of self-respect and peace within each and every people.

Due to the simplicity of the people of India, britishers got chance to show their supremacy and power on the Indians. This result in the strong and cruel rule led down on the Indians by the britishers. Britishers were very cruel and they wanted to keep everyone under their knees.

Their nature was to betray the people and to spread inequality and injustice in India. They spread many wrong and inconvenient rules in India.

They control every task and activities to perform the work from Indians as per as their views and requirements to cultivate every task as they think. Every nation to fulfill in every kind of activity requires proper knowledge and rule to transfer the work in a way that it will cultivate a strong attitude towards getting a nation to develop in every activity.

One has to struggle for the country to capture every right to perform every action for the welfare of the people.

A nation requires a firm goal and aim by which everyone can get accurate idea and paln to how to create a nation of equality, self-respect and proper justice.

Everyone should focus on the correct side or convenient side for the betterment of the people. One must try to capture each and every activity to perform every task in a right manner.

One must try to achieve the goal by which every people in the nation should live in peace, respect and courage. One should try to cooperate and handle every circumstance with ease and better understanding of the people.

A Nation prospers and develops when it’s people improves in the education, basic needs and other fields. Every Nation to develop in every kind of activity has to understand each and everyone’s feelings, thinking, pain and their emotions to develop the nation in every aspect of the field.

Nation can become stronger when the people of the nation cultivate strong motives across all the parts of the nation to rise up the nation to move ahead as much as possible.

Nation is build with a group of people and when it is build with strong people, Nation becomes more strong and harder to get beaten by anyone who has the intention of ruining the nation with number of possibilities.

Nation should develop at the most level to make any nation strong and to be competing with every nation’s which gave the people to be very competitive.

People should make every nation successful by performing many types of difficult and easy tasks to handle and tackle to make the condition more stable for large group of people.

People should think every moment about their ideas and plans by which they can generate negative and positive points in the activities. People must be able to make every activity to get any benefit from the activity by which they can generate any profits from their hard work.

One should think positive about every activity and they should create a natural environment across the people to carry on better and activities.

Many people in India were given much hard work to perform in the fields. They were made to be punished when the farmers do any small mistakes during the work time.

It is not good to develop a bad attitude across the people to generate a better activity in the long terms. To develop a long and fast activity everyone should cooperate with each other with full of knowledge and respect towards each other. People of India committed many suicides during the britishers rule as they were betraying them with number of difficulties led on them.

It is been taught by many Leaders that everyone should maintain peace, equality, justice and develop themselves into many great things by which people can led to make great things in life.

Leaders are not just a leader, but they are also a human being like everyone who has something different than any other person who has the capability and ability to handle and tackle all the things in an easy and great manner.

Many people call these leaders a great warrior as this leaders act like a great warrior and they cultivate a priceless attitude towards the people of any nation. There has to be a better attitude to gain large amount of knowledge with lot of people to cultivate even bigger amount of knowledge. Knowledge is a power as it makes people to move from gaining lots of information. People have to listen to their leaders to maintain and perform every activity in a perfect order and manner.

Leaders strive to perform any task much faster and with accuracy as compared to other people as Leaders has the power to do every task accurately and easily.

Leaders maintain peace and equality across the nation. Leaders perform any activity in a different way. Leaders cooperate with each other to carry tasks differently in variety of orders.

Leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji and many other leaders participated in the revolution to establish and eradicate the bad rules of britishers and to cultivate good and accurate rules to manage every activity in a great and right order. Every Leader has the capability and ability to manage every task with perfect and right order. They help people to survive in a difficult situation and circumstance to strongly make the people to stand strongly in front of the others.

Leaders carry out a great and calm attitude towards every activity to manage things properly with great knowledge and information about everything. Leaders make a strong group to maintain every people to give their views and ideas to cultivate better knowledge of what the people are going through the situation. Leaders decide to put pressure on the people to cultivate a strong well-power to manage every task successfully. Leader is a different type of person who used to judge every person to cooperate and make to stand by against the people who has the capability to perform every task better.

Leaders generate equality amongst every people to maintain good relationship between each people. They has the ability to tolerate the people when they perform any mistakes. They find the difficult things accurately with no pressure. They give every people respect and courage to destroy every difficulty occurs between them.

Leaders face many types of difficulties and tolerate many types of non-sense and bad things happening in many countries. They produce a natural and creative attitude towards the people. They understand the emotions and feelings of the people. They undertake every activity with a great joy, confident and seriousness. They make people to make their own way to manage every task rightly. In simple words, Leader is one who is capable of performing all the activities in a very easy way.

Independence Day Celebration

People of India celebrate Independence Day on the 15th August as India got Independence from the Britishers on 15th August 1947.

Independence day is the important day of India where people of India used to hoist Flag of India. Every people of India is used to gather in a group and use to Hoist the Flag of India by singing the National Anthem and many other Patriotic songs.

Independence Day enables every people to get freedom from the unwanted rule of Britishers. People stand in the straight position with hands folded to provide respect to the Indian Flag.

People sing many songs of freedom and respect the Indian Flag with singing India’s National Anthem seriously. People celebrate Independence day with Family members and many small Children’s. People used to tell stories about the Independence day to their children’s.

There are many programs organize by the Government to celebrate the Independence day. Government of India celebrates Independence day by providing many awards, prizes and medals to the people who save the country of India from the terrorists. People who have gave their blood for the country are given awards, medals and prizes with lot of Appreciation to them from the people.

Government of India keeps every record of the people who saved the nation of India and then acts accordingly by providing them Medals and awards. Government of India also provides finance to the people who have protect the nation of India. Indian government also provides free education to the children of those people who safeguard the country of India.

In India, there was lot of Inequality and injustice going on everywhere in India and people were just tolerating all this activities. Farmers of India had to pay a lot of hardship in the fields and also getting inappropriate income after working many hours in the field. They were forced to pay unbearable and wrong amount of tax from the britishers.

Due to this many farmers and their family members had to suicide because of financial problems. The farmers were forced to collect the tax and if they do not give any tax, then britishers beat them and made them to work like a slave. Many farmers borrow the money from the moneylenders as they did not have the finance to manage their house.

When they were suffering from the burden of taxes, they had no choice of commiting suicide as they did not had money to pay to the land lords. Many farmers borrow the land from land lords, but when did not had the money to pay the landlords then the farmers had no choice of commiting suicide. Farmers had to pay 3 to 4 times the amount of tax to the britishers, instead of paying only small amount of tax.

They were forced to tolerate many burdens and many things which were very harmful to them. Britishers use to keep the farmers to work till they don’t get full tired.

Britishers made famers to work for almost full day by which they were getting tired. They had to cope-up with many things and continue to betray from the britishers and many other landlords who were britishers.

Britishers ruined and harrassed the people of India, as britishers considered Indian people of very low class in every activity. They considered as a bad people to the Indians.

They harassed Indians and captured everything they had with them. Britishers were very cruel and wants them to control the Indians with full destruction.

Britishers were not cooperating with the Indians and when cooperate with them they were cooperating with them very badly. They don’t give any respect to the Indians.

They wanted to get down the Indians and ruined the Indians with number of activities led on them. They covered up with all the activities and maintain strong control over the Indians. There are number of Families where they were very angry and unhappy about the positions and situations occur due to the wrong rules of the Britishers.

Some leaders like Gandhiji and his followers fought against the injustice rule of the britishers. They refuse to perform the things which were led down by the britishers.

They enable people of India to maintain in peace and refuse to work for the britishers.

They gave chance to the britishers to behave in a good manner with the Indian people, but the britishers didn’t agree with the Indian people and they cultivated a bad attitude towards the Indian people. Britishers made many inconvinence and bad rule towards the Indians people.

Indian people had to agree every rule forcely and with number of restrictions and hard work led on them. So there were many hard work burden thrown on the Indian people with lot of burden for controlling the Indian people.

But the leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji,Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar , Swami Vivekanand fought for the Indians and they gave the freedom to the Indians from the cruel britishers. From that day, every Indians celebrated the Independence day happily and with great enthusiasm.

People of India had to face many downfalls from many years because the rule s in the hands of the britishers. They were lying down with number of works that has to be done on time provided by the britishers.

Britishers maintain every economical and social in a way that they should get every profit from the Indian people. They kept the terror on the Indian people. Indian people had to forcely perform each and every activity with number of pressure and large amount of burden led on them to ruined the Indian people.

Indian people were very unhappy and had to get betray from the britishers. Britishers required to make the Indian people to work for them as they require with pathetic rule. Britishers act with Indians like they were something great as compared to the Indians and the Indians had to manage and handle every activity with the rules of the Britishers.

In Independence day, Everyone celebrates it by providing the salute and flowers to the Great leaders of India. Who gave their blood for India. People also take 2 minutes mourn for giving the souls of the great leaders respect.

Independence Day Speech

Independence day is the Famous day of the India to represent true and great Leaders strive for freedom from Britishers.

Independence day is celebrated on the 15th August. It is day to represent our National Flag of India. All the people of India salute The National Flag of India. India became free from the british rule in the 1947 due to the True Leaders like Gandhiji and their followers. Everyone should give tribute to the Indian Leaders.

In Independence Day, People represent the country of India by hoisting the Flag of India with great Respect and Honour. Every people in India come together to join the celebration of hoisting the Indian Flag and to provide salute to the Indian Flag.

Many people like Indian Prime Ministers give Speech at many places to spread the knowledge about the true heroes of India to the people. They formulate a law to maintain peace and harmony in India. People of India during the Speech maintain complete silence and peace to listen to the Prime Minister about Indian Leaders.

Prime Minister use to provide respect to the Great Leaders like Gandhiji, Ravindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa, Bhagat Singh, Dr. BabaSahenb Ambedkar, Swami Vivekanand, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru and many more Leaders. All these Leaders strive for India’s welfare and prosperity.

They got suffered from the cruel rule of the britishers and retrieve a special position in the Indian society.

They complete their task with great honour and confidence by leading India to a great height. They motivated every people to be honest and confident in every of their work.

They maintain a proper dignity amongst the people to cultivate a strong attitude towards the goal of freedom. They made every people to become more aggressive towards reaching the goal of freedom or Independence. People maintain a great relationship with them to strive harder for the freedom.

Prime Minister of India at the time of Independence Day provides respect to the National Flag and hoists the Indian Flag by singing the National Anthem and also many Patriotic songs. They organize many speeches during the Independence Day to generate knowledge about the Indian people.

They give speech about the welfare of India. They provide speech about the True Leaders of India who gave freedom to India. They cultivate many ideas and plans of true Leaders to demonstrate the views and ideas of the Leaders.

They provide knowledge about the financial conditions of India and give respect to the nation of India by saluting Indian Flag.

They give many medals and awards to the families of those who strive and protect the Indian people from the enemy territory. They also provide finance and economics to them who have lost their children’s in the war against enemies.

They also give a many types of social facilities like free education to their children’s who have died in the war against the enemies. They gave medals and awards to the soldiers, Pilots, ships man and many others who strive for Indian people.

They salute these people with great respect and honour. Everyone claps for these Leaders and they respectfully salute these true Leaders. An Army strives for the country and gives everything he/she has to destroy the enemy and protect the country from dangerous people who can harm their people and control them. An Army strives and provides their blood for the prosperity of the nation.

Prime Minister provides the speech about the how India got freedom and by which attitude they got freedom from the britishers. Many other Ministers also give speech on the true Leaders and their activity towards the India. They provide proper knowledge of the past and present and strives for the future activities.

It is important for every people to get knowledge about the true Leaders and history of India as it provides every information about the past and focuses many children’s to learn and activate new things in them.

Knowledge of the past activities generates proper guidance and attitude towards the children to act accurately in any situations. Every Leader strives for the welfare of the people and to give their country safety from harmful effects of the enemies.

One has to keep each and every record of the past activities to generate it in the future. Every person in the Independence Day, come up with the variety of colourful dresses like the colour of Indian Flag that is Saffron, White and Green.

Indian Flag is represented in three colours: In the first it has Saffron colour, in the second it has White colour and in the Third it has Green colour. All these three colours represents the Indian Flag which all the Indians salute with great respect to the Flag.

Every country has their own colour, shape and diagrams on the Flag to represent their Flag. Each country like India represent their Flag by hoisting their Flag and providing respect and salute to the Flag.

Every country strives to safeguard their nation and generates better relationship with every country for the safety and development of the nation. It is important for any nation to develop everything in any aspect of the field by which they can develop their nation for the welfare of the people.

Every activity which is require by the people should be immediately done for the betterment of the people. Every nation should maintain proper relation within themselves to strive for developing those things which they have to develop more as compared to the present situation.

People should maintain not only relationships, but they cultivate a positive attitude and respect each other nation. Every nation should assist each other nation to improve their fields which are not develop in the present.

Every relationship within the nation should also maintain long term relationship as this relationship can lead to bring prosperity and togetherness within the nations.

In Independence Day, every people attach the Indian Flag on their dresses to provide respect to their country. They sing National Anthem and many other Patriotic songs.

They sing ‘JANA GANA MANA’ song of National Anthem of India. They celebrate the Independence Day with many groups of people and hoist the National Flag of India with great joy and respect.

History of Independence Day

In the past many years, there was rule of britishers on India who were controlling Indian people with cruelty. India got freedom from the britishers on 15th August 1947.

Many Leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji and many other Leaders strive to get the freedom. They made India to be self-sufficient and self-controlled by Indians and not by anyone. L

eaders used to teach their followers and other people to fight against the rule of the britishers to strive for the peace and freedom in India. Britishers were performing many illegal and disrespectful acts to tease and harm the Indians without any reason.

They made many resolutions to completely punish the Indians and make them their slaves. Not only Britishers, but many other countries also strive hard to control the Indians.

They made many inconvenient rule and strive to destroy the Indians to make them slaves. They used to punish the Indians with chop sticks and the dandi’s.

Their attack over the Indians were from past 150 years and they continued to rule over the Indians. They harassed each and every farmers of India who used to produce food grains for the people.

They betrayed them and forcibly taken all the things from them to control them and for their welfare. They put the burden of lot of taxes on the farmers to gain much more profit due to the tax.

They were totally ruined by the tax burden and they used to forcibly tolerate everything from the britishers. They were also ruined by the landlords who used to give them their lands, but due to the burden of large amount of tax on the farmers by the britishers, the farmers had to forcibly provide their land to the landlords with their revenue on it. When the Farmer was not able to pay money to the landlords then were used to give severe punishment to the families of the farmers. Thus there was a bad and worst condition of the farmers. Farmers had to suffer a lot from other people as they were harass by the britishers by forcibly making them for more hours with very less salary. Due to the burden of tax, Many Farmers had commited suicide to get leave from the problem of britishers. There families had to face many difficulties after the farmers do suicide.

Families of the Farmers also given many harms and there children’s were rapped by the britishers. They also committed suicide after doing dirty and worst activities by the Britishers. Britishers did every people unhappy and angry due to their cruel rule of the britishers.

Due to this many Leaders like Gandhiji and many others came front to eradicate and eliminate the britishers. They gave the people of India to get the freedom from the rule and regulations led down by the britishers.

Many Leaders like Gandhiji did SatyaGrah and many revolutions against the britishers to destroy the rules of the britishers. They kept the guidance to improve the society in a different way that all the people should get idea and plan to detoirate the britishers in a much easy way.

There were lot of problems faced by the farmers and many others by which the Leaders had to cope up with the different types of activities by which they got pain and so much of tolerance from britishers.

They cultivate each and every individual into a courageous and develop person to manage every activity in a understandable and right way. They made every Indians to completely achieve the goal of Independence in an admiring and honorable way to demolish and rebuild the nation into a good and right manner for the welfare of the people.

To make the people in a right track, Leaders stand in front to focus and concentrate on the goal of freedom and believe in themselves to cultivate a strong motive in their followers to achieve a goal of freedom and get a victory against the britishers. So leaders achieve the aim or goal of freedom in a right and proper way to get the freedom in peace and honorable manner.

Causes of Celebrating Independence Day  

Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August 1947 and It is celebrated as every Indians got freedom from the britishers and also their rules and regulations.

There are variety of causes behind the Independence day Celebration. They are:

  1. Out throw the Britishers from India

People of India had to perform many hardships and tired full acitvities with lot of pain. They were beaten with the Sticks and chops to forcibly perform the work. They made Indians like a slave and captured their feelings and rules to move around everywhere and work as they can do it.

So this was an inequality towards the Indian people and due to this many great leaders came front to handle and tackle the circumstances by which they can make the britishers to move backward from the social things of the Indians.

Great Leaders like Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh and many different Freedom Fighters had to cope up with the cruel activities of the britishers. They had to get beaten by the britishers as they were not listening to the britishers for the unwanted rule led down by the britishers.

They becomes violent when the britishers had to forcely perform the activity from the Leaders of India. They become angry when the britishers do injustice and inequality on people of India without any mistakes. Britishers enable and thrown every wrong regulations on the Indian people as Indian get nervous and come under their control.

People were reluctant to get very less payment after performing large amount of work as compared to the time. They perform the work more than their power and capability to perform any work easily and with great pain to them.

Farmers of India had to commit suicide for revenue circumstances. Every people of India were very unhappy and tolerating a great pain by the behavior and attitude of the britishers.

Every people in India, gather to destroy the rules of the britishers. Britishers made the rule to harass the Indian people and make them unsuccessful about the ideas to destroy the rule of the britishers.

Many Indians came forward to establish the rule that can make the Indian people happy and to live better life to the Indian people. They all came together with a hope to encounter the britishers and to lease the control from the britishers. All the people of India made many constitutions to lease the control from the britishers. They had tried everything that they can do, but at the last they were shut down by the britishers. Britishers decline every rule of the Indians.

Many Families of India had to suffer from the inconvienient rule of the britishers. They had to tackle every situation with number of ruthless activities thrown on by the britishers.

So to deteriote the rule of the britishers, many Leaders came join together to make plans to destroy the rule of the britishers. Britishers also had to perform illegal activities and blame the on the innocent Indian people.

They perform many activities like rape, enforce more tax, betray the Indian people, making inconvenience rule and many more to grasp the control over the Indian people. So to eradicate and eliminate the britishers from India, many leaders strive for the best and gave their blood from the welfare of the Indian people.

  1. Got Freedom from British Rules

People of India got freedom in the year 1947 which gave every Indians freedom from their problem of listening to the britishers and tolerating their activities for ruining the Indians.

Indians had to cope up all the activities that were led down to cultivate a mess in the people of India. Britishers had taken every right to rule the Indians and establish their supremacy to capture and control the Indians. People of India were very straight forward, simple and innocent.

Due to their simple nature, they had to listen to the Britishers and had to bend down their knees in front of the britishers. People who went to fight against the cruel activities of the Britishers had to cope up with the punishment of the britishers.

Britishers gave many weird punishments to the people of India who fought against their rule and control. They also punish the small children’s and their parents without any mistakes. They follow the bad rules to maintain the supremacy into their hands. They rapped Indian girls and forced them to get married to them forcibly.

They also harass many children’s and force them to work in the fields and many activities. They maintain bad regulations around every activity which were done by Indian people.

They keep many unwanted and cruel rules to disrespect the Indians totally. They punish the Indians in a way that they will never come up and develop their nation with wealth and technology that they had maintain and developed in India.

There was only one option for the Indians that they should eradicate and thrown away the britishers from India as to get freedom from the cruel britishers who had ruled the India from many years. They made many rules and regulations to fight the britishers for getting rid of the britishers.

They made many agreements and laws to eliminate the britishers and their rules. They made secret groups and policies to detroy the power of britishers. They encourage many children’s and adults to fight against the britishers. They kept everything secret to handle and tackle every task with a good manner.

They kept each and every information secret as they wanted to destroy the Britishers without knowing their secret information as if they information is leaked to Britishers then their plans and ideas would get flopped and britishers will not allow them to succeed in their plans and ideas.

They made rules and regulations secretly by meeting secretly in a secret place which was unknown to the Britishers. They joined a group of many people and meet in a place where everyone can be in a safe and secured place by the Britishers.

Freedom Fighters of India  

To eradicate and eliminate the Britishers from the India, someone had to rise up to make India free from the cruel rule of the britishers.

Freedom Fighters are those people fight for the freedom of the Indian people. Freedom Fighters like Mahatma Gandhiji and his followers work for the welfare of the India. They gave rise to the people of India to fight against the rules of the britishers and to eliminate them from India.

Britishers had taken many things from the India and they had cultivated a wrong and bad attitude towards the people of India. They maintain a strong domination on the minds of the Indian people. They kept dominating the people of India as they wanted to take the firmly handle the Indian people to control them totally.

Britishers wanted to make the Indians to bow their head on the knee of the britishers. They captured everything of the Indians like the big palaces, enormous Kohinoor diamond and many more. They captured many historical monuments and places with much finance with them.

Freedom Fighters like Mahatma Karamchand Gandhiji, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekanand and many other followers fought smartly and with courage to throw britishers out of India.

They taught many people about how to fight against the corrupt and cruel britishers and handle every situation smartly. They taught to be honest and concentrate on the work with full of confidence, courage and dedication.

They sing the National Anthem and many patriotic songs for the India. They also ask to sing the songs for India to the Indian people. They cultivate a strong attitude towards the goal of giving India freedom from the britishers. They manage to bring everyone in one group to cultivate a strong team to eradicate the britishers.

Members of the Freedom Fighters used to carry guns and weapons to kill the britishers to eradicate them from India. Mahatma Gandhiji strive for many things like they carry out SatyaGrah for the Salt act. They did SatyaGrah as britishers led down much of the tax on the salt to consume maximum profit from the salt. He also did many movement and kept many fasts with many of his followers to break down the cruel rules of the britishers.

He also sometimes got succeed in his plans and ideas and gave the people of India relief from the cruel rule of the britishers. He kept many unknown and outlying plans to strongly destroy the britisher’s rule. Baba Ambedkar also was a great person who fought for India. He eliminate the rule of untouchability amongst the poor and the rich people.

He destroyed the rule of not making the girls to get the education. He follow the path of truth, respect, honesty and patriotic.

He had a great knowledge of the law and rules as he took higher education from the big institute. He cultivated a proper and kindful attitude towards the people of India. He was also known as a strong and intelligent person who had taken a higher qualification. He took many right decisions to manage and handle the activities done by the britishers.

He taught many his followers to refuse the domination of the britishers and to show them the right path of behaving with every people. He suggests every child to get the higher education or atleast basic education as education is very essential for every child. He used to learn many mythological books and had much of the knowledge about it. He led down the laws of the India after India got freedom from the britishers.

He taught many his followers to refuse the domination of the britishers and to show them the right path of behaving with every people. He suggests every child to get the higher education or atleast basic education as education is very essential for every child.

He used to learn many mythological books and had much of the knowledge about it. He led down the laws of the India after India got freedom from the britishers.

In India, britishers were not letting any Indians to touch them and their things. Everyone has the right to touch everything and everyone as all the people are human being and everyone should be treated equally. Ambedkar treated every people equally with every right provided to everyone equally.

Britishers were not allowing the Indians to get equality in every kind of activity. Britishers had doing inequality and injustice to the Indian people. They made every Indian to lay down their knees in front of them. This attitude of the britishers didn’t like the Ambedkar and he started acting upon it.

He started taking actions on the rule of the britishers. He fought against the voilance activites of the britishers. He destroyed the rule of not allowing the child education.

Britishers had doing inequality and injustice to the Indian people. They made every Indian to lay down their knees in front of them. This attitude of the britishers didn’t like the Ambedkar and he started acting upon it. He started taking actions on the rule of the britishers. He fought against the voilance activites of the britishers. He destroyed the rule of not allowing the child education.

He destroyed the rule of untouchability of the poor and rich people in India. He eliminate the major terms and conditions of the britishers by which it can’t harm the people of India.

He taught the people that every child should get educated as education is necessary to every child and it assists and helps the people to think the about right and wrong in the future. Education provides the knowledge about the correct things and the wrong things.

It gives the idea to every people to think beyond their families and friends and to move ahead to cultivate better ideas to improve the nation in terms of basic needs and many more.

Everyone should walk around together and cultivate a better place where every person can stand on a strong path. Ambedkar made every Indians strong to eliminate britishers and gave them ideas and plans to get rid of the britishers. Ambedkar maintain a strong and great attitude towards every people.

Like Ambedkar there were many Leaders like Swami Vivekanand and many more. Swami Vivekanand was also a great and strong leader and wanted to make the India free from the britishers. He strive for the India and made many laws and rules to destroy the rules of the britishers. He taught many of his followers to fight with courage and honour.

He taught to respect the elders and to treat everyone equally and with justice. He gave rise to lot of people who wanted to eliminate the rule of britishers, but they were not been able to do it as they use to fear the britishers. He used to tell the people to cooperate with everyone with good manner.

He cultivated a strong and courageous attitude towards the people of India. He retain and gain many good members in his team to support him to destroy the britishers.

He was against the violence, but he did many violence act against the britishers to eradicate them. He killed many of the britishers for harassing the people. He killed those britishers who also beat the people and treat people with inequality and injustice.

He also punished those who made many wrong things and rules by which every people got suffered from the cruel rule and regulation led down by the britishers. Swami Vivekanand was a great follower of the Gandhiji. He used to talk to Gandhiji about the situation in the country and to how to make people leave from the britishers rule.

Swami Vivekanand had taught many children’s to believe in themselves and to cooperate with one another to enable people to become strong, smart and courageous for throwing britishers outside from India.

Swami Vivekanand was a highly educated and very strong person who believed to be Self-confident and Self-Efficient in every activity. He was a Self-Motivated and assisted others to develop Self-Confident within themselves. He was a true leader and help many of the people to join the party to fight against the britishers.

Swami Vivekanand advise people to be very honest and dedicated towards the work with full of trust on every of his followers. He made many organisations in which he was the leader to maintain and tackle each and every situations within his work. He didn’t made any difference between the poor and rich people and gave everyone equal rights and justice to maintain the equality and justice in the environment.

He refuse to follow the orders coming from the britishers and used to give orders to his followers about the work provided for destroying the britishers. He maintain the company to flow according to the positive side and to eradicate the negative flow in the organization. He publish many outstanding and strong motivation articles by which people got the knowledge about the nationality.

He used to start high level of motivation speech to enable people to get high amount of knowledge about the job to perform the courageous activities very thunderously. He used to teach people about how they should cultivate good attitude towards the people to generate a leadership attitude amongst all of his followers.

He requires those persons in his group who have a great courage and interest to eradicate the britishers from India.



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