Interesting & Amazing Facts of the day : 3 General Science Facts


Did you know? General Science Facts

1) The most vital ore of an aluminium is Bauxite formed for a reddish clay material called laterite soil found in tropical regions.

2) LPG ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas ) is the name for the mixtures of hydrocarbons stored in the liquid state mainly consists of methane.

3) Francium is a highly radioactive metal and it changes into the liquid form at the room temperature.


4) Hydrogen sulphide discolors the brass color in the presence of the air and makes it a shade of yellowish .

5) The first synthetic human chromosome was constructed by scientists in u.s. in the year 1997.

6) The ebola virus is formally known as ebola Haemorrhagic fever nearly kills every 4 men out of 5 infected people.


7) According to the Dalton’s atomic theory, the smallest particle which can exist independently is ATOM.

8) A decibel is a logarithmic unit utilized to represent the ratio of two values of a physical quantity it is used to measure sound pressure’s and signal to noise ratio .

9) Every Hour the universe expands by a billion miles in all the directions and hence it expands 24 times a day.


10) Only in the process of photosynthesis (an endothermic process) Light energy is converted into chemical energy.

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