Interesting & Amazing Facts of the day : 2 Geography Facts


Did you know? Geography Facts

1) India shares geographical borders with 7 nations of the world namely Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Afghanistan  , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and Maldives.

2) Russia is the largest country in the world with 17,098,242 square km and Canada is the second largest country with 9,984,670 square km and also the third largest country is China with 9, 706,961 square km and India ranks the seventh largest country in the world with 3,287,263 but it is also half the area of Australia.

3) India has 7 major river’s in the world and Ganga one of the holiest rivers according to Hindu is also termed as the 3rd largest river in the world .

4) The world’s largest forested area is in Russia comprising of 7,762,602 square kilometers and Qatar has the least forested area in the world comprising 0 square kilometers and India ranks 10th largest country on the basis of forested area.

5) The wetlands in India accounts for 4.7 % of the total geographical area of the country ( 2011)

6) The tallest mountain in the world is Mount Everest in Asia and the second largest is Aconcagua in south America and the third tallest is Kilimanjaro in Africa .


7) The Amazon forest is producing nearly 20% of the world’s largest supply of the oxygen.

8) The country having the highest number of lakes is in Canada in the whole world.

9) Antarctica is the only land of our earth which is not owned by any country in the world.


Interesting & Amazing Facts of the day : 2 Geography Facts10) Africa is the largest continent in the world comprising of 54 countries and south America is the smallest continent of the world comprising of only 12 countries .

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