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Jai Narain Vyas University (JNVU), Jodhpur was set up in 1962 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. It is associated with UGC, NAAC, ACU. It provides various courses like MA, BCA, LLB, B.Sc, etc.

The syllabus is designed by the university and the students must get the syllabus which is the compilation of topics.

So you will have to prepare for the exam through the syllabus. If you have an idea of the kind of topics and questions coming up in the exam, you can very well perform in the exam.

Syllabus for BCA Course


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Elementary Mathematics
Elementary Physics
Communicative English
P.C. Software
Information Technology Trends
And Language FORTRAN
Environmental Studies
M.S Office Lab
IT Lab
Physics Lab


Differential Integral Calculus
Statistical Methods
Digital Electronics
Programming Language C
data Structure
Digital Lab
C Lab


Principles of Programming. Lang
Business Data Processing
Computer System Architecture
Finance & Cost Accounting
Comp. Oriented Numerical Meth.
Microprocessor Lab
Numerical Methods Lab


Management of Accounting & Eco
JAVA Programming Language
Operating System Concept
Object-Oriented Prog. C++
DBMS I lab
JAVA Programming Language
Object-Oriented Programming (C++) Lab


Visual Programming
Comp. Graphics & Multimedia
Computer Comm. & Networks
Economics & e-commerce


Management Information System
System Analysis and Design
System Design Lab

Syllabus for MA-Economics JNVU 2022

Microeconomic Theory

Unit 1: Elasticity of Demand-Price, Cross and income; Elasticity of Supply;
Theories of demand-utility, indifference Curves (income and substitution effects-Hicks and Slutsky methods) compensated demand curves and their application; Revealed Preference Theory, Consumer’s choice involving risk, Hicks Version of Demand Theory; Consumer Surplus

Unit 2: Production Function-Short period and long period; Law of variable proportions and returns to scale; Isoquants-least cost combination of inputs, Returns to factors; Economics of Scale; Elasticity of substitution; Euler’s theorem; Technical Progress and Production function, Cobb- Douglas Production function, Cost Curves

Required Readings

Gould and Lazear: Chaps 6,7,8
Joshi and Joshi: Chaps. 12,13, 14 and 15
Koutsoyiannis: Chaps.3,4,

Syllabus for LLB 1st Year

Law 101 Law of Contract-I
(General Principle and Specific Relief)
Law 102 Law of Torts and Consumer Protection
Law 103 Law of Evidence
Law 104 Family Law-I (Hindu Law)
Law 105 Constitutional Law of India
Law 106 Public International Law and Human Rights
Law 107 Law of Contract-II
(Specific Contracts)


Law 108 (a) Indian Legal and Constitutional History
(b) Insurance Law
(c) Equity, Trust and Fiduciary Relations
Law 109 Professional Ethics,
Advocacy for Lawyer and Bar-Bench Relations

Law Contract – I

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General Principles And Specific Relief

Note: (i) The syllabus has been divided into five units. Questions will be set from each
unit with provisions for internal choice.
(ii) In order to ensure that students do not leave out important portions of the
syllabus, examiners shall be free to repeat the questions set in the previous
(iii) Leading cases prescribed under this paper may be read under the respective unit
No. showed against each case.
(iv) In the case of discrepancies between English and Hindi Version. English
The version will prevail.

Unit 1: General: Definition and characteristics of contract, agreement, promise, kinds of
contract-express implied a void, voidable, illegal, executory, standard form of contract.
Proposal: Definition, its kinds, characteristics, elements of communication,
revocation, and termination.
 Acceptance: Definition, modes, characteristics, communication and revocation.
Consideration: Definition, elements of consideration, insufficiency of consideration,
illegal consideration, object, and concept of a stranger to contract.

Unit 2(a) Capacity to Contract: Who cannot make a contract, who is minor, nature of minor’s
contract, estoppel against a minor, agreement for necessaries: A person of unsound mind,
nature of contract by a person of unsound mind, persons deprived of the capacity to
(b) Free Consent: Meaning, elements rendering consent, not free-coercion, undue
influence, misrepresentation, fraud, and mistake

Unit 3: (a) Void Agreement: Restraint of marriage, trade, legal proceeding, uncertainty,
wagering agreements.
(b) Contingent Contract: Distinction between wagering contract and contingent
(c) Discharge of Contract by performance: Tender of performance, Joint rights and
Joint liabilities of parties; time, place and manner of performance; performance
of reciprocal promises, novation, accord and satisfaction.

Unit 4 : (a) Discharge from Liability to Perform: Impossibility, Anticipatory Breach of

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