Road Safety Week 2022: 11th – 17th January 2022, Theme, Slogan, Activities Idea

Road Safety WeekRoad Safety is a type of Safety or any security from the Road Accidents by which people should safely drive their vehicles on the road. Road Safety is required to safeguard the people who drive and who walks on the road from Accident from vehicles of people. Road Safety provides every people to become secure and safe from unwanted Road Accidents.

The Road Safety Week observance is being initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.  Intending to supplement the efforts of the Ministry, the Council from the year 2011 has started producing promotional materials like cloth banners, safety posters, pocket guides, safety films, etc to help its Members / Patrons to observe Road Safety Week (Second week of January every year) effectively.

It is heartening that more and more Members/Patrons are joining the RSW celebrations.

Road Safety Week – 2022: The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India has announced the observance of the 30th Road Safety Week Campaign from 11th to 17th January 2022.  The theme for this year campaign is Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha”

The Council appeals to its members and patrons to observe the Road Safety Week Campaign on a grad scale by undertaking various activities to achieve the objectives.

For details, contact NSC Road Safety Week, division

E-mail: [email protected]  Tel. 022-2752 2894/ 2752 2895 (D) or Board line 022-2757 9924

Today many Road Accidents are happening in the Country by which people are very warned by the Government of India to drive on the Roads Safely by wearing their Helmets on their bikes and also wear their Car Safety Belts while driving the Cars and any other Vehicles.

It is possible to get many types of Safety belts for people to drive safely on the Roads. People need to make the right decision while driving on the road with many vehicles to cause every car to be safely run without any Vehicle Accidents on the Road or any injury to the people who walk on the Roadside.

One should remain alerted and cautious from the dangerous drivers who drive mysteriously and roughly on the Roads. So every people should look at the Roads to provide better Safety for them.

Every people should look on every side of the Road to watch the Vehicles running on the Roads and to protect them from Accidents on the Roads.

Every people is used to check whether they are secure from the running vehicles by which every people are used to provide safety to them as well as other people driving the vehicles. People are more cautious nowadays due to the major Accidents on the Roads and Highways to get them proper Safety of the things necessary to get every people safe.

One has the proper idea to generate every possible way to find and search a better way to make every people secure with many ideas and plans to maintain the Road safety.

Road Safety Week is used to celebrate every people and driver who are used to walk and drive on the Roads at many Places like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, West Bengal, Chennai, Calcutta, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, and other States.

People nowadays are used to carrying out many programs to generate a proper way and idea to drive safely on the road with many types of suggestions like to wear the helmets and Belts while driving on the road. This results in the proper way for the people to get things in the right way for both the drivers and the people walking on the Roadside.

To get a significant safety people should walk on the Footpaths which are made for the people by the Government to get rid of the significant Accidents on the Roadside. So people should use the Footpaths to get them safe from many vehicles, and it also helps the drivers to drive safely and securely.

Road Safety Celebration

People are used to getting every Safety from many Accidents happening today on the Roads. People are used to providing every useful program for the people who are used to walk as well as drive their vehicles to reach their destination safely.

There are lots of programs organized by the Government to cultivate a positive attitude towards the people to drive and walk safely on the Roads.

The population in the programs gets every training and guidance from the Government by which they are used to gain every knowledge about the driving skills on the Roads and how to drive safely when there is traffic on the Roads.

The government should provide every people with many skills and tactics to manage drivers to run their vehicles smoothly and accurately on the Roads. Many people in the program offer accurate training and knowledge to the people who can drive or are new to drive any vehicle.

The people need to get a proper driving trainer to the people as it will make every people get a decent idea and technique of how to drive in a particular condition where there is a lot of traffic and where there is the lot of difficulties to operate with a lot of vehicles driving nearby them.

People are used to developing their skills to drive in every situation which provides the people to get every experience with driving skills and their advantages and disadvantages.

People are used to carrying out every task to be completed in the right way to make them handle and manage every task with proper guidance properly.

One has to drive according to the situation happening on the Roads and to make a proper decision to operate without any harm to the people walking on the roads and also riding on the Roads.

People are used to walking safely by watching every kind of activity that the drivers are used to perform on the Road. So it is very helpful for the people to do their task with proper watching on the Roads to make their life safe from the dangerous drivers running on the Roads.

People should always maintain a way to go from the Footpaths to nullify the chances of the Accident. Today people are used to providing much essential training in the programs organized, and they are presented with many Flowers, Roses, and Chocolates to cultivate a better and positive attitude for the people to drive safely and with full concentration on the Roads for the safety of the people walking on the Roads.

This type of Programme also used to provide knowledge about the Seat Belts and Helmets while driving which helps the drivers to save their life when the Accident of their vehicle takes place.

So people are happier about the programs organized by the Government of India to produce proper guidance and teaching to the drivers and people who want to drive any bike or vehicle on the Roads.

People in the Programmes are also used to play many Road Safety Games to get the people every knowledge of Road Safety driving. There are lots of applications produced by the Government of the driving skills by which people come to know about many skills to drive safely on the Roads.

They provide them with every knowledge about the Signals and Road Signs by which people are used to driving Safely on any Roads and Highways. So it essential for people to get information about driving skills in many applications provided by the Government of India.

The necessity of the Road Safety Week Campaign Celebration

Today in India, Lakhs of people die in Road Accidents through many vehicles per year. There are lots of people who failed to drive accurately on the Road, and they make a Car or Bike Accident in which many people die, or they lose their Hands, Legs, and injury to the other parts of the body.

The government is used to generate a decent idea and plans to get low down the number of accidents per year. It is used to gather a proper plan to develop art to make everyone teach an excellent driving to eliminate many Accidents.

It is used to deliver appropriate plans and ideas to stop the Accidents on the Roads and Highways to save many people from Accidents. Accidents are quite reasonable in those places there are lots of people with lots of vehicles on the road.

People should be able to drive smartly and smoothly to stop many Accidents. People cultivate many possible ideas to develop a better attitude towards many things by which people can be more enough to get every knowledge about the necessary things in life.

Accidents happen in that area people are not aware of the driving techniques, and there is not any plans and ideas developed by the Government for the necessary things. So people should be mindful of every driving information to safeguard themselves and others who walk on the road.

People need to get a license and training from the well known Driving Training Institute to drive in a better way of saving the lives of many people from many Accidents.

The government is forced nowadays to train many people in the driving methods and techniques by growing up many Motor Training Schools to make the people drive safely.

People are used to cultivating a positive attitude towards the driving Techniques to be enabled for every people to stop many Accidents in many regions.

So people are suggested by the Government first to make a License of the Motor Driving to get every knowledge of the driving. Nowadays it is recommended for the people to wear their Helmets and Seat Belts while driving any vehicles on the Roadside or Highway to save the life of the people as well as themselves.

Road Safety Week Theme

The government is used to provide many programs for people to drive safely without any problem. The state of India has declared many challenges and their solutions to save many people from ruthless Accidents on the Roads.

Many individuals don’t drive smoothly and accurately on the Roads by which people come under the way to perform many Accidents.

Many individuals don’t think about the others while driving on the Roads, and they perform many Accidents on the Roads.

So people need to carry out many types of driving courses by which they get every kind of information regarding how to operate in a better way. People need to gather every driving knowledge to safeguard their own as well as people’s life.

To develop better driving skills for the people of India, Government has organized Road Safety Week Themes to get the people full knowledge about the driving techniques and ideas to safeguard many people. There are many Road Safety Week Themes. They are as follows:-

  1.  There was a Road Safety Theme in 2018 that was “The department will spread awareness regarding traffic rules and dissuade people from using the banned synthetic string, popularly known as Chinese thread.”
  2. There was a Road Safety Theme in 2017 that was “ Your Security, Safeguards your Family- Be warned on the Roads.”
  3. There was a Theme for Road Safety in 2015 that was “Develop a Secure Tradition for Better Supply Chain.”
  4. There was a theme for Road Safety in 2014 that was “Walk for Road Security.”
  5. There was a theme for Road Safety in 2013 that was “Be alert, Don’t drink and drive” to make the people force them to drive without drinking on the Roads.
  6. There was a theme for Road Safety in 2011 that was ”Road Security a Goal, Not an Intermission.”

The aim of Celebrating Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week is used to make the people attentive while driving on the Roads. It is used to provide driving knowledge to the people and to give them every safety measures to drive on the road.

Road Safety provides every people to cultivate every driving task without any issues to safeguard many lives of the people. Road Safety is used to offer many precautions for the people who drive on the road.

There are many programs provided by the Government of India to get every knowledge to many small Children’s and also to Adults in many Schools, Colleges, Stores and any other workplaces.

People are used to getting every knowledge to cultivate a positive attitude towards the people for their safety and security. The government is used to provide many Online Facilities and Services about the driving skills of the population of India.

To decrease or eliminate the death rate and injury to the people of India due to Road Accidents, people are used to providing many training guidance and teaching on the Internet and many Motor Training Schools. So it is essential for the people to first teach appropriately from many Training Schools to get the right ideas and plans to drive better.

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