40 Slogan on World Population Day in English and Hindi


World population day is a campaign celebrated annually on 11th of July in order to spread awareness about global population issues. Increase in population causes many problems such as poverty, unemployment, pollution, etc.

The population is increasing rapidly because people do not have enough sex education. World population day is celebrated to make people aware of causes and effects of the population which is increasing day by day. To improve birth control and motivate family planning some events and campaign should be organized. The world population day inspires people for family planning and maintains the population of the world.

The slogan on World Population in English:

  1. Celebrate world population day to enjoy lesser crowd in future.
  2. Celebrate world population day to control the population growth.
  3. Overpopulation: too much of a good thing can be bad.
  4. Population explosion leads to starvation.
  5. We are not just here to procreate.
  6. Want more places to hike, bike and enjoy nature? Say no to having more kids.
  7. Deciding not to have kids is not selfish, it’s sensible.
  8. It is easy to add more, but difficult to maintain.
  9. If you want more than two children, adopt.
  10. More people=less open space.
  11. Overpopulation leads to overexploitation.
  12. Keep one or two which is good for you.
  13. Birth control is the only moral choice.
  14. Use a lid have just one kid.
  15. Earth cannot carry the heavy load for long, so think about population control.
  16. Focus and population to fight poverty and literacy.
  17. Keep a small family to have a big happy life.
  18. Overpopulation is more dangerous than atom bomb that will surely burst in future.
  19. Plan your family and protect the planet.
  20. Take a pledge to control the population.
  21. Two people make a company but three people a crowd.
  22. Motherhood is a choice, not a requirement.
  23. Don’t have more kids than you can carry.
  24. The point of population stabilization is to reduce or minimize misery.
  25. Reduce the population and empower women.
  26. It is difficult to reduce the population however not impossible.
  27. There are many responsibilities we need to do other than increasing population.
  28. Take care of the children we already have, don’t increase the population.
  29. We control the growth of every other species, except our own.
  30. Having children does not guarantee love.
  31. Small family happy family.
  32. Adopt one child instead of giving birth to your own child.

Slogan on World Population in Hindi:

  1. हमारा छोटा परिवार, खुशियाँ है अपार.
  2. हिन्दू हो या मुसलमान, एक परिवार एक संतान.
  3. दो बच्चे उज्वल भविष्य, अधिक बच्चे कहाँ भविष्य?
  4. जनसंख्या पर रोक लगाओ, विकास की धार बढाओ.
  5. छोटा परिवार सुखी परिवार.
  6. छोटा परिवार सुखी परिवार, बड़ा परिवार दुखी परिवार.
  7. सुखी जिंदगी का आधार, छोटा और स्वस्थ परिवार.
  8. कम बच्चे छोटा परिवार, यही हैं प्रगति का आधार.
  9. निरोध अपनाओ जब तक, न चाहो बच्चा न पाओ.

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  1. Sankalp says:

    Slogans are not good in hindi

  2. RAVI Srivastava says:

    Thanks for publishing……

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