UPSC MCQs Quiz 2: General Knowledge with answers


UPSC MCQs Quiz 2: General Knowledge with answers

1. With reference to Stree Shakti Puraskar, in which of the following is ‘Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Award’ given? [IAS 2009]

  1. Administrative skills
  2. Achievements in scientific research
  3. Achievements in sports and games
  4. Courage and valour


2. The Kalidas Samman is a prestigious arts award presented annually by the government of

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Gujarat


3. Which one of the following is correct about the International Gandhi Peace Prize?

  1.  International Gandhi Peace Prize is awarded biennially by the Government of India
  2.  The Government of India launched the International Gandhi Peace Prize in 1995
  3. Nelson Mandela was the first recipient of the International Gandhi Peace Prize
  4. International Gandhi Peace Prize was started on the occasion of the, 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi


4. Pulitzer Prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of

  1. Science and Technology
  2. Environmental Studies
  3. International Understanding
  4. Literature and Journalism


5. Which one of the following publishers founded the Bharatiya Jnanpith trust to give the Jnanpith award to Indian writers?

  1. The Times of India Group
  2. The Hindustan Times Group
  3. The Hindu Group
  4. The Indian Express Group


6. Which one of the following awards of the Indian Government gives the Swarna Kamal and Rajat Kamal to outstanding performance?

  1. National Film Award
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  3. Arjuna Award
  4. None of the above


7. Ms Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu is the first Indian woman [NDA 2010]

  1. to reach Antarctica
  2. pilot inducted in Indian Air Force
  3. to ski to the South Pole
  4. to win the Gold Medal in Asian Boxing Championship


8. In which one of the following films did the Nobel Laureate Pearl S Buck collaborate? [IAS 2006]

  1. Shatranj Ke Khilari
  2. Guide
  3. Lawrence of Arabia
  4. Titanic


9. Who of the following published a famous pamphlet known as ‘Right of Man’ and urged the people in England, America and France to fight for their liberty? [NDA 2007]

  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Thomas Paine
  3. John Locke
  4. Jean Jacques Rousseau


10. Which of the following is not correctly matched with regard to Indians who have won the Nobel Prize (in the mentioned years)?

  1. Rabindranath Tagore : 1913
  2. CV Raman : 1930
  3. Hargobind Khorana : 1968
  4. Mother Teresa : 1978



  • 1. (a)
  • 2. (c)
  • 3. (b)
  • 4. (d)
  • 5. (a)
  • 6. (c)
  • 7. (c)
  • 8. (b)
  • 9. (b)
  • 10.(d)
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